We can offer our products in a manner that best fits your requirements; as a fully managed service from our secure cloud; or hosted on your premise with application support from us.

  • iPM

    iPM, is a modern, responsive  and interactive point of sale tool and manages all the essentials functions of underwriting. The product user interface includes:

    • Broker Portal 

    • Direct to Consumer Portal

    • Underwriter Portal 

    • Reporting and Claims module 

    The product provides profile based user authentication, policy management, trust account, rating engine, audit trail, claims processing and payment, instant messaging and  integration engine.

  • iRPM

    iRPM is a data science tool to empower underwriters for managing risks using historical data, perils and risk profile of the policy holder: 

    • Gain a deeper knowledge of customers

    • Better prediction

    • Improve understanding of the business

    • Improve process and cost efficiencies

    We will work with each Underwriting agency to customise a solution based on their unique requirements.


We offer insurance friendly infrastructure, cloud and security as a services.

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    EnsurTek's provides modern infrastructure:

    • Consultancy

    • Cloud Computing

    • Edge Computing

    • Hybrid

    • DevOps

    • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Cyber%20Security2_edited.jpg

    EnsurTek provides Cyber Security:


    Penetration Testing,

    Forensic Investigation, 

    Protect from automated threats

    Unified endpoint security

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