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Hey there Broker,
Are you repeatedly keying in the same data in multiple agency systems? Time consuming, prone to errors, monotonous, tiresome??
iDA can help! 

Unlocking growth with fast and accurate brokering and 
underwriting submissions clearance

Why iDA?

iDA interacts with applications mimicking human actions; iDA can open attachments, complete forms, capture and re-key data, update systems and generate quotes.

Is iDA safe?

 iDA solutions offer the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption and complete auditability.

Benifits of iDA 

Increased Efficiency

Error Reduction

Employee Satisfaction

Improved Data Quality

Cost Reduction

iDA Use cases

Multiple Quotes

Check e-mails, download proposal forms & validate, Login to Multiple Agency Systems & Generate Multiple Quotes, Compare Quotes & Send e-mails

iDA-Multiple Quotes.png


  • iDA will generate automated weekly renewal reports

  • iDA send notification e-mails to brokers

  • Broker emails iDA with updated client risk info

  • iDA generates quotes 

  • iDA notifies the renewals outcomes to broker/client to choose

Payment Reminders

iDA sends reminders, overdue notices on dates determined by the credit terms 

80% reduction in quote turnaround time
90% automation of quote creation 
100% data accuracy

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