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Innovation Unleashed. Insurance Simplified. Build smarter, faster with KoverUI's no-code platform. Design the future, effortlessly.

KoverUI Modules


Support the entire policy lifecycle
Quote, Refer, Underwrite, Bind, Endorse, Audit' Renew, Cancel, Lapse & Reissue


Quick & easy to configure  rating
Excel upload, Apply Rules, Table-base 
Factor-base, Boolean-base, Algorithmic 
Premium, Taxes, Commissions,
Fees & Version control


Manage the entire claims lifecycle
FNOL, Policy & Event Validation, Assessment, Adjustment  Sourcing, Payment Settlement


Digital distribution
Intermediary Portal, Consumer Direct - Online Form, Digital User Profile, Mobile App, Embedded APIs

Document Manager

Auto generate & Upload documents
Dynamic, Static, Policy Schedule; Invoice 
Proposal Form, Certificate of Currency

Accounting & Billing

Seamless accounting & billing process
Receivable, Process Receipts, Commision, Payables, Unallocated, Suspense, Trust, 

Client Management

Support the entire policy lifecycle
Quote, Refer, Underwrite, Bind, Endorse, Audit' Renew, Cancel, Lapse & Reissue

Unified Communication

Cohesive and streamlined chat
Instant Messaging, Alerts, AI Chatbot
e-mail, TEAMS

BI & Reporting

Turn data into BI & Reporting 
FNOL, Policy & Event Validation, Assessment, Adjustment  Sourcing, Payment Settlement

Catch the buzz from our customers.....

As we are launching a niche insurance product, we needed an underwriting platform. While others proposed a lengthy 6-month development, EnsurTek's KoverUI proved invaluable. Their team efficiently configured our niche product, delivering a testable version within just one week. Exceptional speed and expertise! 
Trent Brown
Director Distribution
Allstate Underwriting
Pain Points | Problems
How KoverUI Assists
Product development and time-to-market can extend from months to years
Configure and launch insurance products within a matter of weeks
Developing distribution channels adds time and cost
You get multiple distribution channels, all inclusive
Monitoring task workflow is challenging
Track and delegate tasks with ease
Multiple systems that don't talk to each other
APIs to integrate with third-party systems for a seamless user experience
Additions, changes, modifications to risk questions or rates can be complex and time consuming
Effortlessly implement changes and release instantly or schedule for a future date.
Reports, especially Bordereau is a time intensive, manual process leaving room for errors
System generated custom reports including Bordereau and ad-hoc reports with just a few clicks.
Scattered data across disparate systems makes reporting and analysis a nightmare
Centralized data allows real-time reporting, analytics, and forecasting facilitating informed and timely decision making
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Experience KoverUI
The game-changing insurance platform. Streamline processes, enhance sales, and ensure compliance with our user-friendly and agile solution. Sell through multiple channels, integrate seamlessly with third-party products, and leverage data analytics for continuous improvement. Request a demo now and revolutionize your insurance operations with KoverUI.
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