End-to-end Solutions to Underwriting Agencies

Broker Portal

A Broker Portal where brokers can quote, refer, bind, report, renew, endorse and lodge claims.

Underwriter Portal

An Underwriter Portal where all underwriting functions such as rate, generate policy documents, premium adjustments, bind, renew, endorse, etc. can be done


Facilitates Bordereau reporting, customizable reporting, accounts payables and receivables, trust account statements, processing receipts etc.

Admin Portal

Product configurations, question configurations, template-based quotation form configurations, various simplified rating configurations, state-wise tax configurations, commission configurations,  embargo configurations, task scheduler, transaction logs, permissions handling,  styles such as logo, colors, and theme.

Additional Capabilities

AI Chatbot to assist insurers, brokers & underwriters

Low-code configurations to on-board customers quickly and migrate data

Auto populate data from publicly available data or 3rd party content

Configure new products/updates as templates, test in advance, and schedule to take effect at a future date

Instant Messaging for communication amongst underwriters or between brokers & underwriters

Integration with 3rd party systems such as XERO, Sunrise, iClose, Insight, 3rd party rating engine or claims systems on demand

Bigdata platform for data analytics

Analyse data and to help reduce referrals, refine processes, and help improve sales

All data are encrypted on transmission and rest

Continuous improvements in cyber security via regular PEN tests, audits and implementing recommendations 

The right solution at the right time

iPM is a no code configurable solutions help you plan, administate and create any line of  products faster

iPM can be hosted in cloud, on-prim or hybrid 

iPM can be integrated with External Systems

Configure any lines of product faster

Scalable based on demand

Customise to your workflows

iPM is build as Moduler and choose required