Hello Carriers, MGAs & Underwriting Agencies,

Are you tired of managing your insurance product on disparate legacy systems?
Here's a holistic digital platform that meets all your sales, underwriting & operation needs in one place.

KoverUI is a no-code configurable solution which enables carriers, underwriters & MGAs to plan, administrate, build and implement any line of insurance product faster.

Why KoverUI?

Build any-line-of-product faster without coding.

Eliminate the need for accessing multiple systems

Manage all operational processes in a single system

Is KoverUI safe?

KoverUI offer the highest levels of security and privacy, including multi-layered authentication and authorisation, encryption and complete auditability.

Benefits of KoverUI

  • Speed to Market

  • Improve Process Efficiency

  • Easy to use Interfaces

  • Dynamic Reporting

  • Cost Effective

  • Time Saving

Before & After KoverUI


With KoverUI

Inundated with forms from brokers & continuous stream of data entry

Underwriters manually get renewals information, draft e-mails and send it to brokers. Underwriter has to manually renew on due date.

Rating via spreadsheets to calculate premiums

Multiple touch points with Pdfs, Word, Excel, Outlook for document management and communication

Unable to search policy history in real time

Accounts & finance managed separately and requires replicating data manually which is time consuming and error-prone

Brokers have to call and e-mail for quote, policy, renewals, endorsement details.

Brokers can only have support during office hours

Building a  new line of product can take months

Changes to risk questions, ratings, branding takes a long time to testing & implement

Data is stored in an unstructured manner in disparate systems making it very challenging to analyse for decision making or forecasting

Brokers enter risk information, get premiums, bind, print documents via Broker Portal

Automatic pre-renewals in advance & emailed to brokers. Can also be set to renew automatically if policy conditions remain unchanged

Configurable rating and business rules for premium calculation and referrals

All policy related information is consolidated &  managed  in place

One click for policy history

Generates real-time statement of accounts for receivables, payables, ledger and Trust Account 

All information is available through broker portal and all changes and comments are tracked within the policy saving time for underwriters 

After hours support is available through AI conversational  chatbot via chat, voice or phone

Configure an insurance product in weeks and start selling

Changes can be implemented and effected immediately or schedule for specific date & time

Data are stored in a structured, easy to use method for analytics, prediction, informed decision making and identify areas for process improvements and sales potential

Key Features

Broker Portal

Quote, refer, bind, report, renew, endorse and lodge claims.


Assign between agents for advice or review 


Direct bind by broker depending on product or agent review and bind for referrals

Agent Portal

Underwrite, Lodge & Track Claims, Accounting & On-board new users 


Customised Bordereaux reports based on your Insurer


Key in risk info and track progress.


Calculate premiums based on the risk information


Active, pending, search, history, endorse 


Edit future dated policy or Endorse active policies

Business Intelligence

Real-time Reporting and generate Detailed Visualizations


Bind directly or refer it to your agent for decisions


Rate, generate policy documents, premium adjustments, bind, renew & endorse


Edit, print, save and email all policy documents; instantly generated


Automated renewals or alerts if review needed


Accounting & Finance, Trust Account, Process Receipts


Business Inteligence

Improve process, sales &  efficiency 

Instant Messaging

All policy related comms remain with the quote/policy

Document Understanding

Read invoice & pdf documents for processing


Automate data entry of risk information for faster turn arounds

Fraud Prevention

Fraud detection & prevention at underwriting & claims

AI Chatbot

Response and support via  AI Chatbot & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Task Manager

Schedule activities such as upcoming renewals, reminder notices, payments

Image Processing

Before and after assessment for claims

Product Creator

Configure Products, User Access, Authorisations faster

The right solution at the right time

Hosting & Security

Hosted in cloud, on-prem or a hybrid. All data are encrypted on transmission and rest

AI & Data Analytics

Modelling. Prediction & Analytical Services

Work Flows

Customisable to your business operations

Moduler & Scalable

Modular-built. Choose one or choose all. Scalable based on demand


Integrate with 3rd party systems such as XERO, MYOB, Claims system, rating engine on demand