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Hello Carriers, MGAs & Underwriting Agencies,
Are you fed up with the difficulties of juggling multiple systems, a prolonged time-to-market, and limited distribution channels for your insurance products?

KoverUI is the solution that allows you to:

  • Use all modules in one interface or integrate with other systems for a unified user experience

  • Our API ready system seamlessly integrates with other systems, enabling users to auto-populate risk information.

  • Configure, launch, and distribute insurance products quickly through multiple channels at lightning-fast speeds.

  • Streamline underwriting, policy management, claims, invoicing, billing, accounting, and reporting processes for improved efficiency.

At KoverUI, we aim to help you create customized insurance products that reflect your unique value proposition and personal touch. Our no-code platform offers integration-ready, configurable products for Property & Casualty, General, Health, and Life Insurances.

With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, you can create tailored insurance products that meet the needs of your customers and stand out in the marketplace.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support, and our goal is to exceed your expectations. Partner with us to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

Why KoverUI?

Our solution allows you to quickly create any type of insurance product without the need for coding, streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to access multiple systems, and centralizes all your operational processes in one convenient location.

Is KoverUI safe?

Our platform is built with the highest levels of security and privacy, featuring multi-layered authentication and authorization, encryption, and complete audibility.

Benefits of KoverUI

Our platform allows you to get your products to market quickly, streamline processes for greater efficiency, and offers easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, it provides dynamic reporting, is cost-effective and saves time.​



Months / Years to develop an insurance product

Days to develop new insurance products & start selling. 

Distribution channels need to be developed separately

All required channels are available by default, or choose what you need

All have access to all the fields & difficult to track & audit

Profile based authorisation allows only access to required fields with an audit trail.

Rigid systems without flexibility to choose the modules or integrate with other systems.

Flexibility to choose required modules. Allows Integration with 3rd party modules using our APIs

Changes to risk questions, ratings, branding takes a long time to testing & implement

Changes can be implemented and effected immediately or schedule for specific date & time

Unable to assign workflow

Assign tasks for peer review, approvals or absence

Data is stored in an unstructured manner in disparate systems making it very challenging to analyse for decision making or forecasting

Data are stored in a structured, easy to use method for analytics, prediction, informed decision making and identify areas for process improvements and sales potential


 KoverUI Offerings 


Easy connections to brokers, customers, financial institutions, and vendors via portal, app, webform, and APIs.


Comprehensive end-to-end claims process: Enter FNOL, validate and investigate with brokers and customers. Adjust, pay, and settle claims with ease using our module.

Underwriting & Rating

Effortlessly set rules for new products or updates, configure ratings, binding, and referrals. Simplify document management with centralized policy documents and proposal forms.

Invoice & Account

Effortlessly manage trust account balance, payables, receivables, and policy-related billing as soon as policy is bound. Schedule payment reminders, reconcile receipts, and more with our system.

Policy Lifecycle

Efficiently track risk info, communication, endorsements, auto-renewals, and pre-renewal reports with our system.

Reporting & Dashboard

Effortlessly create standard or custom reports such as bordereau with one click. Utilize filters to create tailored profile views for business insights and informed decision-making.

 KoverUI features @ a glance

Data Modelling

Quote & Bind











Finance &





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