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Hello Carriers, MGAs & Underwriting Agencies,
Are you worn out by the extended time-to-market and limited distribution, managing multiple systems, and inefficiencies in the process for your insurance products?

KoverUI offerings:

  • Swiftly configure and distribute insurance products

  • All-in-one interface granting access to all modules

  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems via APIs

  • Enhance operational efficiency by streamlining underwriting, policy management, rating, claims, invoicing, billing, accounting, and reporting processes.

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I have known Anton for a number of years and have worked on a number of projects together. The most recent was on a niche product that seemed from early indications from other providers was going to take us a minimum of 6 months from start to finish and the indicative costs were much higher than we had anticipated. Anton and his team had this product ready to test within a week and had scheduled follow up meetings to have the product finalised shortly after. We were also very happy with the final cost of the project, the contract was well set out and easy to understand and explained the whole project in detail. 


During the testing stage Niro made herself available at all times and was even prepared to set up testing when we were in London to a number of different markets, we received a number of comments on the quality of the system and we are confident it helped us secure support from the market. I have always known Anton to be up front, honest and reliable and would be happy to recommend him and his company EnsurTek to any potential customers. 

Trent Brown, Director Distribution
Allstate Underwriting



Product development and time-to-market can extend from months to years

Configure and launch insurance products within a matter of weeks

Developing distribution channels adds time and cost 

You get multiple distribution channels, all inclusive

Monitoring task workflow is challenging

Track and delegate tasks with ease

Multiple systems that don't talk to each other

APIs to integrate with third-party systems for a seamless user experience

Additions, changes, modifications to risk questions or rates can be complex and time consuming

Effortlessly implement changes and release instantly or schedule for a future date.

Reports, especially Bordereau is a time intensive, manual process leaving room for errors

System generated custom reports including Bordereau and ad-hoc reports with just a few clicks.

Scattered data across disparate systems makes reporting and analysis a nightmare

Centralized data allows real-time reporting, analytics, and forecasting facilitating informed and timely decision making

Why KoverUI?

Experience the ease of creating any insurance product, including broker portal, direct-to-consumer, mobile app, and embedded APIs without the need for coding with our KoverUI platform. Enjoy streamlined workflows, as our platform eliminates the need for accessing multiple systems and centralizes all your operational processes in one convenient location. 

Is KoverUI safe?

Secure your access with our platform's multi-layered authentication and authorization. Your data is protected in transit and at rest with encryption. We host our application in an ISO 27,000 certified cloud environment for added peace of mind. We maintain the highest level of protection for your data with regular PEN testing and prompt resolution of any identified vulnerabilities.

Benefits of KoverUI

Revolutionize your insurance with KoverUI. Automate underwriting, policy and claims management, invoicing and billing, accounting, and reporting. Develop customized insurance products with ease using our no-code, API ready, and data-driven platform. Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems and gain valuable insights with dynamic reporting. Experience significant cost savings and time efficiency.

 KoverUI features @ a glance

Data Modelling

Quote & Bind











Finance &





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