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Hello Brokers & Agents,

Are you tired of managing your insurance product on disparate legacy systems?
Here's a holistic digital platform that meets all your sales, brokering, operations, accounting, reports, claims and all in one place.

ProBI is a cutting-edge insurance technology platform that enables Brokers to rapidly plan, administer, build, and implement a diverse range of insurance products faster.

With ProBI, Brokers can also automate the process of obtaining multiple quotes from multiple insurance systems, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Our API ready system seamlessly integrates with other systems, enabling users to auto-populate risk information or utilize third-party systems for various activities.

ProBI provides a comprehensive solution that empowers Brokers to maximize their efficiency, streamline their operations, distribute through multiple channels, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving insurance landscape.



Months / Years to develop an insurance product

Days to develop new insurance products & start selling. 

All have access to all the fields & difficult to track & audit

Profile based authorisation allows only access to required fields with an audit trail.

Unable to obtain multiple quotes

get multiple quotes by a press of a button

Distribution channels need to be developed separately

All required channels are available by default, or choose what you need

All have access to all the fields & difficult to track & audit

Profile based authorisation allows only access to required fields with an audit trail.

Rigid systems without flexibility to choose the modules or integrate with other systems.

Flexibility to choose required modules. Allows Integration with 3rd party modules using our APIs

Unable to assign workflow

Assign tasks for peer review, approvals or absence

Changes to risk questions, ratings, branding takes a long time to testing & implement

Changes can be implemented and effected immediately or schedule for specific date & time

Data is stored in an unstructured manner in disparate systems making it very challenging to analyse for decision making or forecasting

Data are stored in a structured, easy to use method for analytics, prediction, informed decision making and identify areas for process improvements and sales potential

Webform & Mobile Apps

Enter client, risk & claims information


Premium details including
commission, taxes


Edit future dated policy or Endorse active policies

Business Intelligence

Real-time Reporting and generate Detailed Visualizations

Broker Portal

Quote, report, renew, endorse and lodge claims.


Active, pending, search, history, endorse 


Automated renewals or alerts if review needed


Accounting & Finance, Trust Account, Process Receipts

Multiple Quote

Multiple quotes, Comparison Quotes & Bind


Edit, print, save and email all policy documents; instantly generated


Customised reports based on your requirements


Basic CRM functions

Key Features

Why ProBI?

Our solution allows you to quickly create any type of insurance product without the need for coding, streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to access multiple systems, and centralizes all your operational processes in one convenient location.

Is ProBI safe?

Our platform is built with the highest levels of security and privacy, featuring multi-layered authentication and authorization, encryption, and complete audibility.

Benefits of ProBI

Our platform allows you to get your products to market quickly, streamline processes for greater efficiency, and offers easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, it provides dynamic reporting, is cost-effective and saves time.​

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