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Hello Brokers & Agents,

Are you facing challenges with getting multiple insurance quotes quickly, slow product launches, and managing different legacy systems?  

ProBI offerings:

  • Enter once, get multiple quotes

  • Swift configuration and distribution of insurance products

  • All-in-one interface for access to all modules

  • Seamless integration with other systems via APIs

  • Enhanced operational efficiency through streamlined sales, brokering, operations, accounting, reporting, and claims processes.

ProBI is a cutting-edge insurance technology platform that enables Brokers to rapidly plan, administer, build, and implement a diverse range of insurance products faster.

With ProBI, Brokers can also automate the process of obtaining multiple quotes from multiple insurance systems, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Our API ready system seamlessly integrates with other systems, enabling users to auto-populate risk information or utilize third-party systems for various activities.

ProBI provides a comprehensive solution that empowers Brokers to maximize their efficiency, streamline their operations, distribute through multiple channels, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving insurance landscape.



Time-consuming & multiple manual entries to get several quotes from several insurers or MGAs.

Enter once, receive multiple quotes from several insurers or MGAs.

Product development and time-to-market can extend from months to years

Configure and launch insurance products within a matter of weeks

Developing distribution channels adds time and cost 

You get multiple distribution channels, all inclusive

Monitoring task workflow is challenging

Track and delegate tasks with ease

Multiple systems that don't talk to each other

APIs to integrate with third-party systems for a seamless user experience

Additions, changes, modifications to risk questions or rates can be complex and time consuming

Effortlessly implement changes and release instantly or schedule for a future date.

Reports are a time intensive, manual process leaving room for errors

System generated custom and ad-hoc reports with just a few clicks.

Scattered data across disparate systems makes reporting and analysis a nightmare

Centralized data allows real-time reporting, analytics, and forecasting facilitating informed and timely decision making

Webform & Mobile Apps

Enter client, risk & claims information


Premium details including
commission, taxes


Edit future dated policy or Endorse active policies

Business Intelligence

Real-time Reporting and generate Detailed Visualizations

Broker Portal

Quote, report, renew, endorse and lodge claims.


Active, pending, search, history, endorse 


Automated renewals or alerts if review needed


Accounting & Finance, Trust Account, Process Receipts

Multiple Quote

Multiple quotes, Comparison Quotes & Bind


Edit, print, save and email all policy documents; instantly generated


Customised reports based on your requirements


Basic CRM functions

Key Features

Why ProBI?

Discover the simplicity of creating insurance products, including sales channels such as direct-to-consumer, mobile app, and embedded APIs without the need for coding with our ProBI platform. Enjoy the convenience of obtaining multiple quotes and binding with ease. System generated custom and ad-hoc reports with just a few clicks. Centralizes all your operational processes in one convenient location

Is ProBI safe?

Secure your access with our platform's multi-layered authentication and authorization. Your data is protected in transit and at rest with encryption. We host our application in an ISO 27,000 certified cloud environment for added peace of mind. We maintain the highest level of protection for your data with regular PEN testing and prompt resolution of any identified vulnerabilities.

Benefits of ProBI

Transform your brokerage with ProBI's cutting-edge technology. Automation of obtaining multiple quotes. Enjoy fast product configuration and distribution, streamlined access to all modules, seamless API integration, enhanced operational efficiency.  ProBI offers a comprehensive solution for streamlined operations and distribution through multiple channels, enabling you to stay ahead in today's dynamic insurance landscape.

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