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Dilo Benjamin

VP, Client Engagement - USA

Dilo Benjamin is a highly accomplished business executive who currently serves as the Vice President of Client Engagement for the North America region at EnsurTek. In this role, Dilo is responsible for promoting and selling EnsurTek's innovative products, including KoverUI, ProBI, and iDA, to insurance customers in the USA and Canada.

Dilo is an experienced Control Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive, material handling, logistics, and supply chain industry. He possesses a strong engineering background with expertise in hardware design, PLC code design, Microsoft Excel Macro coding, effective communication, and automation.

Dilo holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University. His technical skills and business acumen have enabled him to establish long-term relationships with clients and drive growth for EnsurTek in the North American market.

02 8626 2810

Dilo Benjamin
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