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Eric van der Sluis

VP, Client Engagement - ANZ

Eric van der Sluis is a highly accomplished business executive who currently serves as the Vice President of Client Engagement for the ANZ region at EnsurTek. In this role, Eric is responsible for promoting and selling EnsurTek's innovative products, including KoverUI, ProBI, and iDA, to insurance customers in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 20 years of experience in helping emerging software companies achieve business growth, Eric has a proven track record of success. He has held senior sales, marketing, and leadership positions at various global companies and has been instrumental in developing new markets in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia.

Prior to joining EnsurTek, Eric served as the Global Sales Manager at Dbvisit Software, a New Zealand-based database replication company, during a period of intense growth and market development into 25 countries. Eric's leadership played a key role in the company's expansion and success.

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Auckland, providing him with a strong foundation in business and technology. His extensive experience in business growth and market development, combined with his ability to build strong relationships with clients, make him an invaluable asset to the companies he serves.

02 8626 2810

Eric van der Sluis
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