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Niroshini Royce

Chief Product Officer

Niroshini Royce is an accomplished technology leader with a strong focus on customer service and people management. As the Chief Product Officer at EnsurTek, she is responsible for delivering all of the company's products, including KoverUI, ProBI, and iDA. Niroshini has been working on product development and delivery for EnsurTek for the past four years, demonstrating a deep understanding of the company's offerings.

In addition to her work at EnsurTek, Niroshini has also worked on various IT Business Transformation and Infrastructure projects in both government and corporate sectors, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in different domains. Prior to joining EnsurTek, Niroshini worked as a Project Manager at Telstra, playing a significant role in digital transformation projects such as Skycity NZ International Conference Centre and major IT projects for the Department of Education, NSW Office of Water, and Sydney Water.

Niroshini's degree in Business Administration from the University of Auckland further solidifies her expertise in the business domain. Her ability to effectively manage teams and deliver high-quality products that meet the needs of clients has earned her a reputation as a highly respected technology leader. Niroshini's passion for technology, combined with her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, makes her an invaluable asset to the EnsurTek team.

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Niroshini Royce
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