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Rishon Royce

Sales Specialist-ANZ

Rishon Royce is a Sales Specialist at EnsurTek, responsible for promoting and selling the company's products, including KoverUI, ProBI, and iDA, to insurance clients in Australia and New Zealand. With a keen understanding of the local market, Rishon works closely with senior business development managers to ensure that clients receive high-quality services and timely delivery in line with their contractual terms and service level agreements.

Aside from his work at EnsurTek, Rishon has a background in sports, having represented New Zealand globally as a former FIBA NZ Junior Tall Black Basketball player. He is currently pursuing a degree in Business and Marketing at Macquarie University, showcasing his commitment to professional development and continuous learning.

02 8626 2810

Rishon Royce
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