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Experience the future of insurance today.

Revolutionize your insurance processes with our truly no-code, API ready, data driven, and configurable platform. Achieve remarkable speed, agility, and flexibility as you develop customized insurance products with ease.


Automate underwriting, policy management, claims management, invoicing & billing, accounting and reporting.

Finance &

Platform Offerings

Configure &

Launch Faster

With our no-code builder, you can easily customize branding, load risk questions, create ratings, set up referral triggers, configure pre-renewals, and manage workflow with ease.


Lodge & Track

The process is end-to-end, starting with FNOL entry, followed by claims officers' validation, assessment, and investigation. Then, it moves on to adjustment, payment, and ultimately settlement.

Distribute to Multiple


You can pick from multiple channels such as mobile apps, direct-to-consumer webform, broker/agent portal, or embedded APIs. You can either select all or the specific channel you want.


& Accounts

Effortlessly view your trust account, track payables and receivables, and record all billing activities as soon as a policy is bound. Additionally, you can reconcile receipts, set up automatic payment reminders, etc.

Maintain Policy


Gain access to all aspect of a policy, from the initial quote to referrals, binding, issuance, cancellation, lapse, renewals, endorsements, invoices, claims, as well as notes, documents, and messages.

Reporting &

BI Dashboard

Access standard reports, including bordereau, instantly. Create customized real-time reports with filters for tailored business insights, decision-making, loss ratio, and more.

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Our Customers


Our platform enables you to create, manage, and distribute property & casualty, general, and specialty insurance products quickly and easily through multiple channels.


 Say goodbye to slow development and distribution times - with our platform, you can streamline the entire process and bring your Health insurance products to market faster. 


Experience the future of life insurance product development today with our no-code, API ready, data driven platform. Don't wait - revolutionize your life insurance products with us

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