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Businessman in risk and reward business

Digital Assist (iDA)

Risk Modelling (iRM)

Fraud Detection (iFD)

Policy Manager (iPM)

Claims Manager (iCM)



AI Chatbots
Data Science

Data Analytics

Cyber Security

Machine Learning



Our Story

Thinking outside the box we have proven ourselves by building disruptive products and solutions. We identified a need in the Insurance Industry for a holistic  technology provider to deliver a well-rounded, end-to-end innovative digital solution in one place and so we give you....EnsurTEK

Our Vision

Is to provide you with intuitive, user friendly products & services  to improve efficiency & optimize processes for accurate results & valuable data for informed decision making.  We will help you to best serve your customers with our simple, flexible, scalable & secure solutions. 

Our Technology

With latest and stable technologies that underpin our solutions we can meet today's needs head-on while we continually innovate and update our products to be future-ready always.

Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Modelling, Machine Learning, Automation, Chatbots & Cyber Security

Our Products

We got to know you, before we built our solutions for you!



Front End

Broker Portal

Underwriter Portal


Auto & Custom Rating Engine

Policy: Quote, Assign, Refer, Review & Bind 

Renewals & endorsements
Document  manager
Online Editor

Back Office

Accounting & Finance

Trust Account

Bordereau, standard & custom Reports

Admin Portal



Consolidated view of  risk locations


Flag high risk areas based on business rules


Pinpoint accurate risk locations

Disaster Zones

Accurately pinpoint Natural Disaster Hotspots against risks on Maps


Model especially for Floods, Storm & Bushfires


Underwriting & Broker


Multiple Quotes in minutes

Check e-mails, download proposal forms & validate, Login to Multiple Agency Systems & Generate Multiple Quotes, Compare Quotes & Send e-mails

Renewals while you sleep

Identify & process Renewals and send e-mails

Credit Reports

Send due date reminders and overdue notices

Claim Process

Chat, Complete Process & Notify 

Our Services

Our services are tailored to the Insurance industry 

Keyboard and Mouse


End repetitive tasks. Unleash your potential

Our Digital Assist will do the job faster, more accurate and increase productivity with happy employees. Our solution can deliver 70-80% efficiency.


Conversational AI is changing the way we engage with customers – vastly improving reach, responsiveness and personalization. Marketing, commerce and support leaders 

Data Analytics

Data analytics can be a powerful tool to help you remain focused on the key strategies behind your competitive advantage. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. The systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Cloud Computing

GCP is a provider of computing resources for deploying and operating applications on the web. Its specialty is providing a place to build and run software, and it uses the web to connect to the users of that software

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is central to every IT connected solution. At its core, our strategy addresses all the the risks associated with all the  threats. and protect using products from Blackberry, Dtex & Kasada.


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