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Gen-AI powered, no-code, modular, API-ready insurance platform.
Build your innovative insurance products faster!
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Carriers, MGAs & Underwriting Agencies Platform
Are you worn out by the extended time-to-market and limited distribution, managing multiple systems, and inefficiencies in the process for your insurance products?
Brokers & Agents Platform
Are you facing challenges with getting multiple insurance quotes quickly, slow product launches, and managing different legacy systems?
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All Insurance Companies Assistant
Incorporating Gen AI & Automation into their operations can help insurance companies improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the market.
We Offer
Configure & Launch Faster
With our no-code builder, you can easily customize branding, load risk questions, create ratings, set up referral triggers, configure pre-renewals, and manage workflow with ease.
Distribution through Multiple
Variety of channels available to market and distribute your insurance product, including mobile apps, direct-to-consumer webforms, broker/agent portals, and embedded APIs.
Maintain Policy Lifecycle
Gain access to all aspect of a policy, from the initial quote to referrals, binding, issuance, cancellation, lapse, renewals, endorsements, invoices, claims, as well as notes, documents, and messages.
Claims Lodge & Track
The process is end-to-end, starting with FNOL entry, followed by claims officers' validation, assessment, and investigation. Then, it moves on to adjustment, payment, and ultimately settlement.
Invoice & Accounts
Effortlessly view your trust account, track payables and receivables, and record all billing activities as soon as a policy is bound. Additionally, you can reconcile receipts, set up automatic payment reminders, etc.
Reporting & BI Dashboard
Access standard reports, including bordereau, instantly. Create customized real-time reports with filters for tailored business insights, decision-making, loss ratio, and more.
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