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insurance Policy Manager

User Interface - Broker Portal, Underwriter Portal & Admin Portal

Customer Manager - Search, view, edit, add Insured or broker information

Quotation Manager - Create quotes, refer, assign & manage

Policy Manager - Bind, Renew, Endorse, Suspend, Re-activate and Cancel

Rating Manager - Configure and manage current and future ratings

Document  Manager -Search, upload, generate, edit, print, save and email

Back Office Manager - Accounting & Finance, Trust Account, Process Receipts,

                                       Bordereau, Standard & Custom Reports

Integration Manager - Integate with 3rd party systems such as Claims

Task Manager - Schedule activities such as upcoming renewals

And lots more.....

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We walk the journey with you and grow together. 



We continue to refresh our products and services to help you improve your overall experience.


Result-oriented outcome; improve efficiency, accuracy and quick turnaround.

Modern Technology

We use latest technologies including AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Cloud, so product is ready today and for the future.

Our Partners

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iDA, an AI-powered product that automates and handle the entire lifecycle of the e-mail or webform submission of content for quotes, renewals, endorsement and claims processes.

Multiple Quotes 

Check e-mails, download proposal forms & validate, Login to Multiple Agency Systems & Generate Multiple Quotes, Compare Quotes

& Send e-mails


Identify & process Renewals and send e-mails

Credit Reports

Send due date reminders and overdue notices

Claim Process

Chat, Complete Process & Notify 

insurance Digital Assist




Our Cloud team of expert consultants provide quality, tailored, cost effective and secure cloud solutions


Our data science team utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), NLP, Predictive Analytics and IoT to improve process, profits & solve problems


Our  automation team use Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Digital Process Automation (DPA), AI Chatbot, AI / ML and provide you digital assistants

The right solution at the right time

iPM is a low-code configurable solution that helps you

plan, administer and manage your insurance policies end-to-end

Hosted in cloud, on-prem or hybrid 

Integrate with other systems

Configure your product & take to market quicker

Scalable based on demand

Customise to your workflows


Pick any or all


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