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Intelligence Automation

Are you repeatedly keying in the same data in multiple systems, spending too much time on mundane accounting functions or renewals processes ? Can you automate manual mundane, repetitive, time consuming, laborious work, prone to errors, using intelligence Automation? The short answer is YES

According to Garter's 2022 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda: An Insurance Perspective, Insurance Industry will be invest 25% in Hyper Automation.

According to another McKinsey study, insurers may automate 50 - 60% of the back-office process by 2025 with 66% time saving in manual process

Intelligence Automation uses RPA, AI & NLP to do some of the following use cases:

Generate Multiple quotes from multiple agency systems

  • Get customer and risk information from CRM & Web Forms

  • Login to multiple agency systems & generate multiple quotes

  • Present the premium values

  • Notify by e-mail with premium details

Tame high email volumes

  • Monitor and resolve incoming emails ​

  • Classify, index, and prioritize

  • Identify intent and key content ​

  • Log data into the right systems and the right places and link to policies and claims​

  • Alert people to discrepancies or issues

Transform Unstructured Data

  • Ingest PDFs, handwritten docs, scans & images

  • Extract information at high speed and with high accuracy​

  • Bring data into your systems

End-to-end Claims Management

  • AI chatbots carry on conversations with customers

  • iDA carry on data look-ups, fraud checks, and eligibility confirmations in the background.

EnsurTek have been providing intelligent automation to insurance customers. We can provide consulting, process designing , building & delivering solutions for Intelligence Automation for business processes.

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